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Aceros Israel (Israel Steel) was founded on May 16, 1996, as a public corporation and engages in the general buying and selling of steel and iron.
   From the start, we have maintained an effort to satisfy our customers' needs in a comprehensive manner, joining the International Standards Organization, ISO, which is a program of development and networking that establishes and publishes international standards of quality.
   The quality of our products and services, as well as the quality of our daily work, are a fundamental priority to our company and are provided at a competitive cost.

  • Serve our customers with quality and responsibility.
  • Comply with the ISO's prescribed standards to achieve the maximum level of quality in our products and services.
  • Establish ourselves in the local market as the leader in service, quality and total customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain an effective risk management program.
  • Achieve required sales goals.
  • Maintain an efficient delivery system.
  • Provide quality training to our personnel.

Quality Guarantee
Our materials and products are rigorously inspected to insure they are in compliance with specifications. We measure all our products with gauges that are calibrated and tested to the millimeter by third party technical specialists according to the latest international standards.
   Moreover, we perform a review of the physical state of our products and verify that their chemical composition is sufficient for the specific needs of each one of our customers.

Efficient Materials Management and Distribution
We possess the necessary installations to properly manage the materials and products we handle while avoiding damages to the same. We use delivery vehicles that have been specially modified for the endeavor.

Risk Management
Thanks to strict inspection and a quality delivery system, complications are minimized, guaranteeing our customers absolute satisfaction. Any error is recorded and corrected, avoiding its recurrence.

Efficient Material Classification
Our warehouse is designed to permit efficient classification and grading of all materials, avoiding confusion. Moreover, every item received and delivered undergoes inspection to verify compliance with specifications.

Contact info

Gobernador Curiel 2559-A
Colonia Higuerillas
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Troubleshooting and technical info:

Phone numbers
Country code:    52
City code:         33
Number 1:        3145.21.01
Number 2:        3145.21.02
Number 3:        3145.01.23
Fax number:     3145.20.70

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